Story Platforms

A variety of web-based story platforms are available. Different projects would be best served by different platforms - this page should help you work out which platforms is best for you. All these platforms allow you to create and play text-based stories online.

If this page seems StoryNexus-centric it's because it was compiled by Failbetter Games, and we love our platform. We encourage other platform holders to revise incorrect or incomplete information on this page!

Platform Best For Toolkit1 Collaborative Editing Tools2 Live Editing3 Publish To4 Portable5 Monetisation6 Copyright7 Multimedia8 Social Play9
StoryNexus Storylet-based games in the style of Fallen London and the Night Circus GUI, no codingStoryNexusGUI.jpg Yes Yes Web No Yesbased on amount of virtual currency spent in your game Creator No Plannedinvite other players to competitive and co-operative stories
Varytale Scene-based interactive books GUIVaryTaleGUIb.jpg + codingVaryTaleGUIa.jpg Yes No Web (on approval) YesJSON export - but you need a suitable engine to run it. Plannedbased on amount of virtual currency spent in your book Creator No No
Inklewriter Short branching interactive stories GUI, no codingInklewriterGUI.jpg No Yes Web No No Creator No No
Choice of Games Branching multiple-choice games Choicescript scripting languageChoiceScriptGUI.jpg No No iOS, Android, Kindle, Web (on approval) YesChoiceScript is a Javascript library that runs on any web page, although it's only licensed for non-commercial use elsewhere. YesIndividual agreements with authors. DependsTwo kinds of contract, one where Creator has copyright, one where Publisher has copyright. Yes No
The Written World Chapter-based story creation GUI? ? ? Web? ? Planned ? ? No
Playfic Online text adventures powered by Inform 7 GUI + codingPlayficGUI.jpg No No Web YesPlayfic code is Inform 7 code - you can copy/paste it into an Inform 7 story file No Creator Yeswith coding No
Quest Creating text adventures and gamebooks GUI + codingQuestGUI.jpg No No Web Plannedpossible from desktop editor, planned for web editor no ? Yes No
Choose your Story Branching multiple-choice games GUI + coding No No Web No No ? No No
Story Explorer Branching multiple-choice games GUI, no coding No No Web No No Creator No No
Why isn't (platform x) here? We're specifically interested in the current boom in web-based, easy-build, easy-play text platforms. So we include e.g. Playfic, a web platform based on Inform, but exclude Inform itself. (Here's a good resource on parser-based interactive fiction tools like Inform). If you think we've omitted a tool that's easy to use, easy to play and allows material to be published quickly on the web, do add it.
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