Grandfather Clock

This is a StoryNexus content design pattern. Other patterns can be found on the Content Design Patterns page.

Grandfather Clock
This is something of a meta-pattern, but it’s very useful. You have two patterns working together. One is the minute hand, one the hour hand. The minute hand pattern is repeatable, and whenever you complete it, the hour hand ticks forward a stage. This works with many different patterns, but the simplest approach is to have the minute hand be a Venture, and the hour hand be a Simple Chain.

So, the player builds up the progress quality for the Venture. And instead of just ending, whenever the progress quality is high enough, the player spends it and moves forward a stage on the Simple Chain. Each time the player wants to move on the Simple Chain, they have to build the progress quality up again and then spend it.

Grandfather Clocks work with all sorts of patterns. The minute hand could be a Venture, but also a Midnight Staircase or a Carousel. The hour hand is usually a Straight Chain but could be a Pyramid or a Beggars' Banquet.

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