Playtesting is king: playtest everything. And then get someone else to playtest it. And then playtest it again.

Any system more complex than a stick can exhibit surprising behaviour. There’s a fair chance that any chunk of content that you write for StoryNexus games will do something that you didn’t intend. You catch this stuff in playtesting. And it’s much, much better to have your playtesting character suffer being stuck in a contentless wasteland, or having all their treasured possessions suddenly vanish, than it is to get the bug reports about it from angry players. Any time you spend in playtesting is time well spent. Try to get at least two sets of eyes on any content before you throw it open to unsuspecting players.

A good technique is to playtest the last bit of content you wrote whenever you sit down to start. It’s like re-reading your last draft – it’ll get you into the right mood to create.

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