This is a StoryNexus content design pattern. Other patterns can be found on the Content Design Patterns page.

This is based around Sometimes cards. A Burn after Reading storylet gives you a Pyramid quality at 1. There are some cards (say, 6) that each increase the Pyramid quality. When the quality reaches a certain level, those cards are locked, and a new set (of, say, 4 cards) unlocks. This is like a Python, but the difference is that there are multiple tiers of cards to play through, which can represent distinct stages of the story (so, finding the killer’s identity, then tracking down the killer, for example). The Pyramid eventually narrows to a conclusion


  • Charge a Toll at each stage.
  • Put multiple branches on the last storylet, so the player can choose the ending.
  • Reset the quality at the end, to make the whole thing replayable.
  • Put a choice at the end of each tier. The player’s choice influences which cards are unlocked in the next tier.
  • Put a length of Simple Chain between each tier of the Pyramid. This makes the structure a hybrid between a Pyramid and a Simple Chain - a Chained Pyramid.
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