Repeatable Content

You can’t write content as fast as your players can play it. Or if you can, you’re probably an AI or an alien or something. There are various solutions to this, but a common one is to make some content repeatable. The player sees a few things that they’ve seen before and then sees a new thing. It means that the player stays with your world a bit longer, and isn’t sitting around waiting for you to write the next thing.

Repeatable content isn’t a problem (as long as new stuff comes along now and then), but it has to be done right. You need to keep it short – the player going to skim over text after a few goes through anyway, so there’s little point in writing lots. You should keep the fiction reasonably generic. That doesn’t mean boring, but it needs to be something that a player could do twenty times. So, stealing a diamond or meeting a wolf, but not stealing the world’s biggest diamond or meeting Lupius, father of all wolves.

Choice is important in repeatable content too. Repeatable content stays interesting longer if players can make different choices and do something a little different. It doesn’t have to be the whole thing. If there’s a repeatable chain of ten storylets, having a choice at number 8 that leads to a different final two is both interesting and efficient.

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