Simple Chain

This is a StoryNexus content design pattern. Other patterns can be found on the Content Design Patterns page.

Simple Chain
This is a simple arrangement of storylets, which flow in a line from one to the next in a set order. So the first storylet has a Max 0 Quality requirement and sets Quality to 1. The next one has Min 1 Max 1 Quality, and an event that sets the Quality to 2. And so on, with the requirements and the number being set increasing by 1 each time. The effect is that you see each one in turn, and each one disappears as soon as it’s played. This is a very simple and useful way of structuring a story. But it’s also rigid and has no choices.


  • Reset the Quality to zero at the end, so the whole thing is repeatable.
  • Charge a Toll at each stage.
  • Give a little choice, so that at stage X, there are two branches available. They both lead to stage X+1, but have different fiction or give out other different qualities.
  • Give more choice, so that Choice branch A sets the quality to 3, and Choice branch B sets the quality to 4. And each of stages 3 and 4 lead to stage 5, so the story can continue.
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